Exclusive Ski Collection

You can be happy, because every single ski of these skis is a masterpiece

Every ski in our Exclusive Ski Collection - whether Stöckli, AK Skis of Switzerland or Stereo Skis Norway - is unique. Every ski that leaves one of these factories are small masterpieces. Passion, quality, precision and a lot of attention to detail go into these ski models. Everything must be perfectly coordinated and nothing must be left out of consideration. With these skis, skiing and the lifestyle around it are celebrated.

Exclusive collection from Ski + Board Rental by SnowAcademy because skiing is a lifestyle.


Slalom Ski

Its preferences: Short, quick turns. Its strengths: Athleticism, nimbleness and grip. Its trademark: A slalom expert through and through. With its Flex Torsion Control Technology, you can always steer into the turns super easily with the Laser SL. At the same time, you never lose any control transitioning between turns. Leave your own tracks on the slopes with the Laser SL. Razor sharp and clean as a whistle.
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Giant Slalom Ski

A ski made for speedy tempos, precision control in the turns and maximum acceleration while turning. In short: THE giant slalom expert in the flesh. Infused with huge expertise from the World Cup experience, this racing machine has been developed for medium radius to long sweeping turns. Our existing Vario Racing Technology enables precise steering into turns; the Full Edge Contact Technology lends more surface contact area in turns which leads to even better control and precision.
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Sport Carving Ski

Even more performance, even more dynamic power. With the identical basic nature of the Laser WRT, the new Laser WRT Pro impresses with extra features carried over directly from ski racing. The topsheet with even more carbon black and a special Vario curved structure transform this ski into a real rocket. The stiffer racing sidewalls lend an even more direct power transfer, among other things. The whole thing is rounded out with a unique design. With this power package, you won´t only be in the hunt for personal bests, you´ll achieve them.
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Laser SX

Sport Carving Ski

You just cannot fail to have great ski days with the Laser SX. You get to choose just how you’re going to conquer the next run. Fast or gentle, middle or large radius turns – thanks to the Turtle Shell Racing Technology, this ski adapts to your preferences. The notches in the Titanal allow for a comfort-oriented ride when you’re skiing gently and interlock together to provide quiet stability on more challenging slopes.
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Sport Carving Ski

A true all-rounder. Convincing in every snow condition, and always looking good in every situation. Equipped with a range of technology features, this ski offers endless fun. All day long. Thanks to its custom plate and binding selections, you get to choose whether you would rather have a comfy cruiser or a high-performance number with the Laser SC under your boots. Everything is possible.
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Laser MX

Women Sport Carving Ski

The first ever Laser ski designed exclusively for women, the cool color scheme of the Laser MX means it has looks to match its sophisticated handling. On the one hand the Turtle Shell Technology adapts to the skier’s preferences and on the other, the Softflex and lightweight construction make the ski light, playful and maneuverable. A perfect woman’s ski, just made for perfect ski days.
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Sport Carving Ski

Elegant in form and strong in performance. The finest materials such as stainless steel, slate stone inserts and bamboo fibers make the Orea Blanc an eye-catcher. Convincing driving characteristics and the high-quality design let you enjoy a relaxed day of skiing.
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Laser SC Orea

Sport Carving Ski

Performance meets elegance. In this ski beats the athletic heart of the Laser SC wrapped in an elegant design. Unique embossing and very detailed inserts make the subtle difference. This elegant all-rounder is a real eye-catcher, impressing with its perfection down to the tiniest detail – even in its performance. Get ready for some envious looks on the slopes.
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I am the slalom ski.

Tight carving turns are my passion.
If you ski me in a short length i am like fireworks.
If you ski me long i am very agile.
I guarantee you tons of fun and an enormous amount of security at high speed.

Back in BLACK.
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Just without long blond hair but with loads of beach attitude.
I carve on ice and slush.
I turn like a slalom ski and cruise with tremendous stability.
I like when you take your lines on the edge.
Rookie or skilled it doesnt matter as long as you are not too GREEN behind your ears.

Hang loose.
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I am your womanizer.

Short turns, long turns, sporty carving or laydback cruising – i am available for everything and will guide you with stability and safety. If you want, we can also go absolutely wild together.

I will grant your every wish.

Dare to be PINK.
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Extended return until 10.00 a.m. the following day
Pick up of equipment the day before from 3.00 p.m.

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