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Top Ski Models

At Ski Rent Saalbach you can find the latest models for your skiing holiday in Salzburg. Whether you are a beginner or a professional - our current range offers every skier the right skis, including ski equipment. Top brands, such as Atomic, Stöckli & more, provide unlimited fun on the slopes. Take a look at our giant slalom skis, slalom skis, race carve skis and all-mountain skis and reserve your desired model online.

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Ski Models 2018-19

The skis in the high performance category are intended for mid-range and sports skiers, offering smoothness and perfect edge grip. This category is divided into giant slalom/race carvers, slalom skis and all-mountain skis.



Gigant Slalom & Race Carve (GS)

The advantages of the giant slalom (GS) ski are medium to large turns, maximum stability, and smoothness on straight descents. The length of a giant slalom ski should in general be a little less or the same as the skier’s height, while its turning radius is usually between 14 and 18 metres.

The race carver ski (RC) is a cross between the slalom and giant slalom ski. With a radius varying from 11 to 16 metres, this type of ski is significantly more agile than the giant slalom ski, making it ideal for carving. Race carvers should be about 10 cm less than the skier’s height.





Atomic - Redster S9

atomic redster s9

The new Atomic Redster S9 is fast turning slalom ski , full of World Cup race technology. Now it is even more stable and agile. The secret ingredient is the new pre-stressed Servotec rod along the top of the ski. In German we call it‘Servolenkung’ translated it simply means power steering! It gives us a very smooth and agile ski fantastic on piste and very high in performance.

Lengths: 153 - 159 - 165 - 171
Radius: 11,5/153 - 12,1/159 - 12,7/165 - 13,3/171


Atomic - Redster G9

atomic redster g9

Take out the supercar of skis from Atomic, full of World Cup race technology, it will even feel like you have power steering ! The secret is the new pre-stressed Servotec rod and elastomer on the top, which supports the ski’s steering behavior at all speeds. This makes steering easier in low-speed turns then more stable on fast straights. This will give you more agility and stability to keep your foot hard on the accelerator on the race course and on piste.

Lengths: 165 - 171 - 177
Radius: 16,0/165 - 16,5/171 - 17,0/177



Atomic - Cloud 11

atomic cloud 11

Imagine long high speed turns without sliding and chattering just feeling the piste under your foot. If that’s your style, Cloud 11 is for you. With its clean white looks on top, combined with its super powerful performance and Light Woodcore underneath, it’s one of our most popular piste skis in the range. This year we’ve also added Atomic Servotec Light on top for more stability – and even sweeter gliding. The illustration shows an example of a product. Depending on the production process, the structure of the ski surface (perforation) may differ from the illustration

Lengths: 147 - 154 - 161
Radius: 14,1/147 - 14,7/154 - 15,3/161



Stöckli - Laser AX

laser ax

Feel the Laser DNA as soon as you set off. The powerful Laser AX can make short turns even in soft snow. The new Turtle Shell technology supports the skier with adaptive flex in all situations. Get off the piste and point them straight into the powder.

Lengths: 159 – 167 – 175 - 183
Radius: 12,9/159 – 14,4/167 – 15,8/175 – 17,5/183


Stöckli - Axis Motion Ladies

axis motion ladies

Perfect for snow queens: The Axis Motion is a successful blend of technology, fun and design. This model was made using innovative Sandwich Construction with an especially lightweight wood core. With it, women skiers who love variety will fully enjoy themselves. This pretty looking women‘s ski was developed specially for relaxed and steady carving. With little energy you can achieve absolute skiing pleasure on all sorts of snow and piste conditions.

Lengths: 149 – 156 - 163
Radius: 9,8/149 – 10,8/156 – 11,8/163



Stöckli - Axis Pro

axis pro

Cruisey turns turns or the racy downhill, the all-round Axis Pro ski offers the best from both worlds. It is versatile and makes it the perfect carefree ski for athletic and easygoing skiers.

Lengths: 163 – 170 -177
Radius: 11,8/163 – 14,0/170 - 14,0/177



Stöckli - Spirit Evo

spirit evo

Great in all snow conditions the new Spirit Evo is excellent. It effortlessly cruises with long turns on groomed pistes, and its wide girth will guarantee incredible adventures out in the powder.

Lengths: 155 – 163 – 172 -179
Radius: 13,7/155 – 15,3/163 – 17,0/172 -18,8/179



Stöckli - O Tree Motion

o tree motion damen

Skis that mean the world: Performance means style. The design of O Tree Motion with bamboo elements guarantees impressive athletic and comfortable handling characteristics. This is a great all round ski and can be controlled on all types of pistes with ease. Cruise around ski area totally relaxed. The skis will turn a few heads as well as they look fantastic.

Lengths: 149 – 157 - 165
Radius: 11,2/149 – 12,6/157 – 14,2/165



Stöckli - O Tree

o tree

Environmentally friendly ski construction? Stöckli is your role model. O Tree is manufactured with bamboo side walls and laminates. It therefore combines groundbreaking technology with exquisite design. The result: easy handling and athletic performance on every piste. This elegant ski delivers silky performance. It moves smoothly in turns. And it guarantees of course the highest comfort. With it, you are guaranteed attention, even après-ski.

Lengths: 163 -170 - 177
Radius: 14,3/163 - 15,7/170 – 17,2/177


Stöckli - Laser SC

stoeckli laser sc

The all purpose ski built for every eventuality, great on piste and off weather on hard or soft snow and fantastic short to mid radius turns. The Tail Flex Control Technology gives the Laser SC great control and lots left in reserve. See how you feel before setting off as this ski is ideal on every slope and in all conditions.

Lengths: 149 - 156 - 163
Radius: 11,1/149 - 12,3/156 - 13,5/163


Stöckli - Laser SL

stoekli laser sl

If you’re a short turn fanatic: This is the ski for you with great short turns in all conditions and a master on hard pistes. You can control the radius of the turns easily and the ski remains very manoeuvrable and light when on piste. This is a great ski in a small package and rebels on piste with ease. It is very manoeuvrable and super smooth.

Lengths: 155 - 160 - 165
Radius: 11,0/155 - 11,8/160 - 13,6/165


Stöckli - Laser GS

stoeckli laser gs

Get ready for the piste! This is the latest ski for mid radius and long carving turns using modern VRT technology. It is a true racer and is very stable even at high speeds even if you swap to fast short turns. It has great edging capabilities coming form the skis waist. However hard you choose to push the ski it remains stable and smooth.

Lengths: 165 - 170 - 175 - 180
Radius: 15,0/165 - 16,1/170 - 17,1/175 - 18,2/180